Why raising awareness about early childhood intervention is important?

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August 3, 2017
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October 12, 2017

We know from years of research that early childhood intervention (ECI) benefits children with developmental delay or disability and their families.  And that ECI providers everywhere are changing lives every day by supporting children and families.

In the modern world, where there is so much going on however, it can be difficult to communicate information to families, health and education services and the broader community about what early childhood intervention is, why it is important, and how to access these services.

ECI awareness week, which occurs on the third week of August annually, gives us an opportunity to share this information and promote the work of ECIs in a coordinated way.


This is a time of tremendous change for the early childhood intervention sector in Australia and, while we recognise many services might find it hard to put time aside for organising awareness raising activities,  it is really important to talk with others about the importance of early intervention.

As Kerry Dominish, CEO of Early Ed highlights “Things are changing. Families need to find services. It is important that families feel confident they can get the services they need as soon as possible. It is also an opportunity for families to think differently about how they can access services. In the past it was a more defined pathway for accessing services; now there are more opportunities and it is important that families learn about their options.”


To support getting the message about the importance of early childhood intervention out there, ECIA NSW/ACT has put together these visual quotes based on the What is ECI, why is it important and how can ECI Services support families? pamphlet for families.  You can access this resource for free and we would encourage you to circulate it in an effort to promote awareness and inform families of the importance of early childhood intervention.  If you would like to share the image quotes on social media, you can do so from the ECIA NSW/ACT Facebook page.

What else can you do to inform families, your collaborators and the community about the very important work you do to support children with developmental delay and disability?

Do you have something planned to promote ECI awareness?

We would love to hear about your awareness raising events and ideas in the comments below.

Catalina Voroneanu
Catalina Voroneanu
Inclusion Program Coordinator

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